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Edinburgh Flower Shops - Tulip And Daisy Bouquet.

Edinburgh Flower Shops

edinburgh flower shops

NUMBER 24: Royal Infirmary to Edinburgh Park Station

NUMBER 24: Royal Infirmary to Edinburgh Park Station

Saturday March 22nd 2008

Get on at the Royal Infirmary, 3.50pm.
Turn out and large stone eagles painted white on a guesthouse lawn. Banks of daffodils pointing into the sun. Man sitting in front has dandruff on his collar. The fairground from The Gyle has relocated to Cameron Toll and zigzag coloured lights border the bumper-cars, Union Jacks blow fast, a young girl looks about to cry. Past King's Buildings and a guy in a tracksuit puts his fingers in his ears as a fire engine goes through on red. Large houses. A transistor radio on a windowsill with it's aerial fully extended. Purple light comes fading through the high windows of a church at the bottom of Blackford Hill. A couple sit across, the woman with sweet strong perfume and the man looking nervous and gripping onto the seat in front. Look up and see a heron flying close overhead, it's legs look as if they're strapped together with cord. Down to The Meadows, daffodils by the thousand. Heavy sky. The windows of an old flat. A girl with bad acne. Princes Street is busy and a man standing outside a diamond shop reads aloud from The Bible, but can only see his mouth moving. Wine bottles knock together in a shopping bag. The windows are closed but can feel a breeze. A couple in front have been kissing for five minutes, they both have ponytails. Ten minutes. A severely obese man stands smoking on the edge of a pavement in Stockbridge. Up towards the Holiday Inn, no horizon and a green scrawl. Most of the curtains are open. A large seagull wheels away over the roof of Sainsbury's. He keeps whispering in her ear. Look back and see a cross pendant on the back ledge, pick it up. They leave in council estates, smiling. A girl says "Get him by the pressure point". A closed drycleaners. Circle a Tesco, the engine stops and the driver says "Four minutes" and gets out to smoke a cigarette. A boy reads out all the football results from his mobile phone. Then keep going to Cramond, the tide is in. New houses across the fields. An aeroplane comes in above but again can't hear it. The bus is empty. A line of trees and up to the crossroads. Boarded up hotel with a kicked in sign. Along the edge of brown fields, road clear ahead. The backs of houses and their fences. The main road to The Gyle. A petrol station glowing through the back window. A cold fountain, no-one gets on. More flowers.
A dead-end.

F23 August 045 DA

F23 August 045 DA

Roses on sale outside a florist, Broughton Street, Edinburgh.

edinburgh flower shops

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