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How To Preserve Wedding Bouquets - Toronto Flower Delivery Service

How To Preserve Wedding Bouquets

how to preserve wedding bouquets



look, i smile AND dry my hair sometimes!
sorry this sucks so much :P
i'm planning on powering through all my weekend homework today and maybe having a photoshoot. i really need to do that. it's quite calming, actually. :)
so this is from last night, and i was still in my clothes from another wedding with laura. in which i got to take pictures again!!! :D she let me mess around with the manual (taught me how to use it first so all the pictures didn't come out cruddy, duh lol) and it was soo much fun! i'm getting better with that and with getting people to do what i want for the picture, like i'm not really shy about it anymore. hopefully i'll be a little better with manual next time though, it was way confusing to figure out in the middle of the bouquet/garter toss haha :)
so, tomorrow i'm planning on trying to get kerri over, and we're going on a bug catching adventure if so. if not then i'm going on a bug catching adventure anyway, in the swamp behind my dad's house. i have to catch 3 each of 2 species of insects for biology and preserve them in frozen rubbing alcohol. and i have to catch them live. not sure how i'm supposed to do that, but it'll happen. maybe i'll grab some of the random fruit flies swarming our house suddenly too. fun fun.
uhhh sorry about this whole epic description lol i have a ton of crap going on....^^; bye guys, maybe i'll be back with fun pictures later!!!

It Feels Like Everyday's Our Anniversary

It Feels Like Everyday's Our Anniversary

6 years ago today my husband wore this actual bout at our wedding. The flowers are real, preserved in beeswax with the jasmine hugged to oblivion. He was protective of the rose.

When we got our proofs back, I idly made a clay model of us while looking at one of the portraits. It's rather weathered over the years but so have we for that matter. My eyes have never been that blue or hair that blonde, and those blue & purple worms coming out of my bouquet are emulating a Victorian ribbon cascade. My necklace is a strand of pearls with an amythest pendant.

More on how we had the best weekend in years (our first night ever away from Kieran) later...

how to preserve wedding bouquets

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